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By Carla Stea

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On December 20, 2012 the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 67/154 on The Inadmissibility of the Glorification of Nazism.

The full title of the resolution is: Glorification of Nazism: inadmissibility of certain practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.

The resolution was sponsored by the Russian Federation and co-sponsored by at least 35 other countries, including Iran, Syria, Israel the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, Pakistan and Cuba. The resolution was originally introduced in 2005. This year there is a grotesque development in attempts to normalize or popularize Nazism, in the form of Estonian advertisements for Nazi atrocities, that are almost impossible to comprehend, or explain.

The resolution:

Expresses deep concern about the glorification of the Nazi movement and former members of the Waffen SS organization, including by erecting monuments and memorials and holding public demonstrations in the name of the glorification of the Nazi past, the Nazi movement and neo-Nazism, as well as by declaring or attempting to declare such members and those who fought against the anti-Hitler coalition and collaborated with the Nazi movement participants in national liberation movements.

Expresses concern at recurring attempts to desecrate or demolish monuments erected in remembrance of those who fought against Nazism during the Second World War, as well as to unlawfully exhume or remove the remains of such persons, and in this regard urges states to fully comply with their relevant obligations, inter alia, under Article 34 of Additional Protocol 1 to the Geneva Conventions of 1949.

Expresses deep concern at attempts of commercial advertising aimed at exploiting the sufferings of the victims of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the Second World War by the Nazi regime.

The commercial advertisements to which this section refers are almost impossible to reconcile with any sane comprehension of history.

One advertisement announces that Dr. Mengeles diet pills are so effective that people consuming these pills can be assured of losing so much weight that they will be as emaciated as victims of Nazi concentration camp Buchenwald .

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The sight of these photos of starving concentration camp prisoners normally evokes horror and shame in the viewer at the realization that human beings are deliberately starved to death. But this reality has been distorted and obfuscated to the point where these photos do not evoke shame for the perpetrators, and compassion for the victims, but instead portray the victims as enviable. This is the result of a calculated distortion of reality which is so dangerous that the target audience, todays Estonian citizens, must be assumed to have been subjected to a virulent propaganda campaign that has rendered them devoid of human conscience, psychologically and ethically lobotomized.

The same is true of the second photograph for a gas company, advertised as so efficient that their gas operates as effectively as the gas at the Auschwitz concentration camp, which completely exterminated the inmates of that camp. This is presented as an accomplishment to be emulated. Again, the assumption of the Estonian advertisers is that the target consumers will applaud the efficiency of the Auschwitz gas in exterminating its victims, and the customers will seek to purchase gas from a gas company of comparable efficiency. It is almost impossible to comprehend the psychopathology that would see the effects of the Nazi concentration camps as laudible, instead of being repelled by the comparison. This can only be the result of manipulation of perception resulting from social engineering and indoctrination with criminal intent the destruction of the human capacity to distinguish right from wrong, the destruction of the human capacity for empathy, compassion and altruism.

The Prague Declaration

Twenty-two countries of the European Union failed to support the United Nations Anti-Nazi Resolution, and, instead, abstained. By contrast, Iran and Syria voted to support the Anti-Nazi Resolution, together with Israel and 120 other member states of the United Nations. Although Iran s President Ahmadinejad has been accused of holocaust denial, Iran s vote in support of the United Nations Anti-Nazi Resolution is a serious commitment opposing a recurrence of the holocaust.

Europes abstention can be explained, in part, as a result of the most insidious and dangerous current form of holocaust denial, which is contained in the Prague Declaration, a document of crude propaganda that attempts to deny the explicitly racist and genocidal doctrine of Nazism, and in an act of mammoth fraudulence, attempts to equate the historically unique horrors of Nazism with communism. This is a sinister falsification of history which has encouraged attempts to legitimize the rebirth of Nazism now spreading throughout Europe.

This falsification of history intentionally ignores the decisive part played by the Soviet Union in defeating the most monstrous, genocidal onslaught of the twentieth century, perpetrated by armies inculcated with the Nazi doctrine. The Prague Declaration, by demonizing communism, implicitly makes heroes of Nazis and Nazi collaborators by deceitfully defining them as freedom fighters, and sanitizing Nazism by use of the more neutral descriptive term totalitarian, thereby obscuring the explicitly savage racist and genocidal identity of Nazism.

The Prague Declaration requires adjustment and overhaul of European history textbooks so that children could learn and be warned about communism and its crimes in the same way as they have been taught to assess the Nazi crimes. This very suggestion of equivalence is a machiavellian trivialization of the holocaust. And calling for the January 27 date of memorialisation of the victims of the Holocaust to be changed to a joint day of remembrance of the victims of both Nazi and Communist totalitarian regimes is, once again, as venal and dangerous a form of holocaust denial as anything the Iranian President ever suggested. This is an attempt to deny the uniquely racist and genocidal reality of Nazism. Nazism is not simply totalitarian, it is genocidal.

Supporters of the United Nations anti-Nazi resolution include most of the third world countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, including Brazil Uruguay, Pakistan, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, etc., all of whom are cognizant of the horrors of racism. By contrast, most of Europe, the battleground of nazism during World War II, the continent which suffered the extermination of 6 million Jews, millions of Catholics, Roma, disabled persons, etc. and including the Soviet Union, suffered a death toll surpassing 50 million civilians, failed to support the anti-Nazi resolution. This would seem to be inexplicable, absent the current Orwellian falsification of history typified by the Prague Declaration in the service of the restoration of global capitalism.

The reality of Nazism is unforgettably described in Michael Sayers and Albert E. Kahns document of that period of history, The Plot Against the Peace. (The Dial Press, Inc., 1945):

The German General Staff employed a wide variety of measures aimed at the ultimate subjugation of some 500,000,000 people in Europe and Russia . By the millions, civilian Poles, Letts, Estonians, Czechs, Frenchmen, Ukranians and Russians were herded into cattlecars and transported across the frontiers into Germany to become slave laborers working for the German war-machine. By 1945 twenty three countries lay shattered after German occupation. In Florence, Paris, Brussels, Rotterdam, Warsaw, Kiev, wherever the Nazi plague descended, the labor of centuries had been undone. Many liberated regions are great areas of ashes; cities are rubble; all transport is smashed; farms, factories and commercial enterprises are reduced to shambles. Tens of millions of human beings are starving and homeless. All of this chaos and destruction was part of a deliberate plan. The German General Staff ravaged according to plan. The destruction of neighboring people and their riches, Marshal von Runstedt instructed, is indispensable to our victory.

Throughout the 1920s and 1930s the German General Staff conducted a series of scientific studies of the various techniques by which enemy nations might be completely destroyed or permanently crippled.the ultimate product of the extensive research carried on by the scientists of the German General Staff was the policy of genocide.the policy of exterminating whole races and nations of people.The first victims of the policy of genocide were the Jews in Germany. Immediately after Hitler came to power, the Nazi government launched a systematic campaign aimed at the ultimate extermination of the Jewish population of the Third ReichBy 1945 the Nazis had exterminated between 5,000,000 and 6,000,000 Jews in Europe and Soviet Russia.

This methodical extermination of helpless men, women and children was not limited to the Jewish people. The Nazis applied their policy of genocide to all conquered peoples. And it was against the Slav peoples, the traditional enemy of Pan-Germanism that the policy of genocide was most extensively applied. It will be one of the chief tasks of German statesmanship, Hitler told Hermann Rauschning, for all time to prevent, by every means in our power, the further increase of the Slav races. Natural instincts bid all living beings not merely conquer their enemies, but also destroy them. It is the victors prerogative to destroy entire tribes, entire peoples. Senior Corporal Reinhard Retzlaff stated: Special lectures were even arranged and delivered by leading officials of the German Field Police stating definitely that the peoples of the USSR and those of Russian nationality were inferior, and vast numbers of them should be exterminated, while a small section should be utilized by the big German landowners in the capacity of slaves.

Throughout Europe, Poland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, over 20,000,000 people were exterminated by the Nazis.

By 1942 Nazi leaders decided that the extermination of Soviet citizens was not proceeding at a sufficiently rapid rateAt a conference between Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Ernst Kalterbrunner, the chief of the security service, it was agreed that the use of poison gas should be introduced as the most effective and speedy means of killing people in large numbers. but even the mass shootings and gassings were not sufficient to carry out the plan of the German General Staff. For the mass extermination of millions of Soviet citizens an even more highly organized and efficient technique than ravine massacres and mobile poison gas vans was necessary. By order of the German General Staff, the Death Camps were built. Murder on the titantic scale contemplated by the German General Staff at Maidenak and other death camps required as much organization and elaborate machinery as the mass production of tanks, planes and guns. Complex problems were involved in the extermination of millions of human beings, the disposal of their bodies, and the accumulation and distribution of their possessions.

Following the liberation of Lublin in the summer of 1944, a group of some thirty foreign correspondents visited the Maidenak Death Camp. On August 27, W. H. Lawrence sent a dispatch to The New York Times which opened: I have just seen the most terrible place on the face of the earth the German concentration camp at Maidenak, which was a veritable River Rouge for the production of death, in which it is estimated that nearly 1,500,000 persons from nearly every country in Europe were killed in the last three yearsthis is a place that must be seen to be believed. The main purpose of the camp, said Heinz Stalbe, one of the SS guards at Maidenek, was to exterminate the greatest number of people, and for this reason it was named the Vernichtungslager, or Extermination Camp.

To relieve the monotony of the daily mass executions, the Nazi guards amused themselves by inflicting horrible tortures and jokes upon the prisoners. Another method by which SS men amused themselves: before a prisoner guilty of some misdemeanour was killed, he would be led over to a large, sparkling white wringer used by the camp laundry, and made to place his fingers between the heavy metal rollers. Then an SS man, or perhaps another prisoner forced into their service, would turn the handle. The victims arms would be literally mangled up to the shoulder. The agonising screams of the tortured victim would afford great entertainment to his nazi torturers. A former prisoner named Atrakov told the Polish-Soviet Atrocities Commission: They took away babies from their mothers breast and killed them before her eyes by smashing them against the barracks wall. I, myself, said Edward Baran, another witness, saw how babies were taken from their mothers and killed before their eyes: they would take a baby by one foot and step on the other, and so tear the baby apart.

The Prague Declaration is the covert and devious attempt by the perpetrators of the holocaust, the greatest mass atrocity of modern history, to shift blame for their crime onto the victims of their genocidal madness. It was the communist parties in most of occupied Europe who fought partisan warfare against the Nazi occupiers, suffering torture and death for resisting Nazism. And it was the Soviet Union, a communist state, that won a superhuman victory over the Nazi invaders, who had originally boasted that they were the master race. The United States entered the war in Europe in June, 1944, and many American soldiers died fighting against the Nazis. But the tide of the war had already been turned against the Nazis in 1943, when the Soviet army, commanded by Georgi Zhukov broke the back of the Nazi war machine at Stalingrad. Ultimately, it was the Soviet Union that saved the world from the most heinous perversion of thought and deed of the Twentieth Century.

If the Soviet government had been as vicious a dictatorship as the Prague Declaration alleges, it should be obvious that the Soviet army, in 1945, led by Marshal Zhukov, flush with the greatest victory of World War II, could easily have turned their guns against Stalin, and taken over the government of the Soviet Union. The Soviet army had the weapons, and they had the power, and they had the moral authority, and the gratitude not only of the Soviet citizens, but, indeed, when they met U.S. soldiers on the Elbe, they were allies. Obviously, the Soviet government was supported by the Soviet people, or the army would have mutinied. Mutiny was not unheard of in Soviet history. Less than 30 years earlier, the mutinous Russian sailors on the battleship Aurora had begun the revolution that overthrew the Russian Tsar, one of the most powerful dictators in the world.

The world is in another economic crisis which bears increasing resemblance to the great Depression of the 1930s, which was the fertile soil which spawned Nazism. The Prague Declaration is an attempt to normalize the horrors of Nazism, alleging, with perilous duplicity, a false equivalence between Nazism and communism, tacitly encouraging the resurgence of Nazism amidst the economic crisis strangling the world economies today.

1932 the world was in the throes of the great depression, the global crisis of capitalism. According to the Museum of the Holocaust in Washington, DC , in 1932, 25,000,000 Germans confronted starvation. In 1932, more than 4,000,000 American faced starvation, and a mass movement of American veterans of World War I, who were jobless and hungry, marched on Washington D.C. to collect the bonus they had been promised for their service to the United States, risking their lives in World War I. The Bonus Expeditionary Force, hoping to receive the bonus they had earned, and had been promised, camped out in shacks in Anacostia, petitioning the U.S. government for their desperately needed bonus. Instead of helping them, President Hoover ordered the army to assault them; their shacks were set on fire by the army, they were tear gassed, bayoneted, and trampled by horses, and forced from the nations capital; many of the veterans, their wives and children were fatally injured by the armies of General Patton. In 1932 the great famine in the Ukraine occurred, and there was mass starvation.

Throughout Europe, the United States, Asia, millions of people starved to death as a result of the global depression. It is duplicitous to an extreme, at the time when mass starvation was global, to blame Stalin for causing the famine in the Ukraine, now melodramatized as the Holodomor. One could just as easily blame President Hoover, and the German Social Democrats for a deliberate policy of starving their citizens in the United States and Germany. In reality, the world then, as today, is the victim of the irrationality and failure of capitalism, a system which, in the twentieth century impoverished the majority of people throughout the world during the depression, and is giving indication of doing so, once again, as the recession deepens in the twenty first century.

When Franklin Roosevelt took office in 1933, he decried the fact that he beheld one third of a nation ill fed, ill clad and ill housed. (That one third of a nation was more than 50,000,000 people.) Understanding world economy, Roosevelt promulgated an Economic Bill of Rights during his last State of the Union Address. There is a strong similarity between Marxist thought and Franklin Delano Roosevelts Economic Bill of Rights. Nothing in Marxism alleges racial superiority, nor any genocidal doctrine. Roosevelt himself was fiercely anti-Nazi. And his progressive and humanitarian predisposition made him the victim of assassination attempts, both by pro-Nazi groups in the United States , and by Stefan Banderas pro-Nazi OUN in the Ukraine. Roosevelt, himself stated before Congress, on January 11, 1944: We have come to a clear realization of the fact that true individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. Necessitous men are not free men. People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made.

The Case of Algirdas Paleckis

This attempt to demonize the Soviet Union reached its nadir in Lithuania . While Nazi supporters are permitted to demonstrate throughout Lithuania, with no reprisals from the Lithuanian government (Nazis are equally free to proselytize in Latvia and Estonia), and Nazi collaborators from World War II are awarded government pensions and honors as patriots of Lithuania, Lithuanian government propaganda makes it a crime punishable by imprisonment, or huge fine, to question the Lithuanian governments falsification of the history of the events of the night of January 13, 1991.

According to former Lithuanian Defense Minister Butkevicius, he was advised by his foreign instructors to have Lithuanian snipers fire, from rooftops, at Lithuanian citizens gathered in Vilnius, on the night of January 13, 1991. Thirteen Lithuanians were killed by snipers firing rifles from above, to gain international sympathy and support for the Lithuanian independence movement, which did not have significant support, either internationally, or among Lithuanian citizens, themselves. The murders were blamed on Soviet tanks, on the ground, which were obviously unable to fire on the crowd from rooftops. Landsbergis government connived in the murder of their own citizens to manipulate the support he needed to stay in power.

The Lithuanian statesman, journalist and patriot, Algirdas Paleckis, founder of the organization Lithuania Without Nazism and leader of the Lithuanian Socialist party, has been fighting a gruelling costly defense against the Lithuanian governments attempt to imprison him, or exact a huge fine as punishment for quoting, during a radio interview, those two sentences stated by former defense minister Butkevicius, admitting that Lithuanians had murdered their own countrymen for political purposes.

In the Baltics, Nazis are honored, but it is held to be a crime to question Lithuanian government propaganda, which falsifies responsibility for the murders of thirteen Lithuanian civilians on the night of January 13, 1991. Although Algirdas Paleckis was originally acquitted by the first court in Vilnius, whose judge was completely perplexed by this mass obfuscation of the facts, on January 22, 2013, Lithuanias Supreme Court convicted Paleckis of the crime of daring to question Lithuanian government dogma which, in an infamous false flag operation, attributes responsibility for the murders of January 13, 1991 to the Soviet Union. As should be obvious, Gorbachev was so totally sensitive to Western opinion and its so-called concern for human rights, that under no circumstances would he have ordered those murders in Lithuania. Indeed, the actual collapse of the Soviet Union occurred without one gunshot being fired, and without one killing. I was in Moscow on the day the Soviet Union disintegrated, and I witnessed the bloodless collapse of that empire.

The Lithuanian government is obsessed with silencing Paleckis because his contradiction of its dogma, and the increasing number of witnesses corroborating his testimony, are opening a Pandoras box revealing the egregious obfuscation of reality which attributes to the Soviet Union responsibility for crimes which it never committed.. If Paleckis allegations, and Paleckis, himself is not crushed, the entire false flag of the Prague Declaration, and the prevarication which discredits the Soviet Union will be exposed.

In large areas of Europe, Nazism has been sanitized, normalized and is now welcomed. The logical outcome of this great falsification of history follows: if Stalin was so terrible, Hitler should have won the war. The only problem with this logic is that a huge percentage of the human species would have been obliterated, many of whom are dark skinned, and most of the rest would be enslaved to serve the white skinned, non-slavic master race. There would be no Jews left to think about.

This year, 22 European countries abstained on the vote for the United Nations Resolution Opposing the Glorification of Nazism. Last year, the same number of European countries actually voted against the resolution. In both years, Iran , Israel , Syria , the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, Cuba, and 120 other member states supported the Resolution, which was adopted by the UN General Assembly. The United States opposed the resolution on grounds of Freedom of Speech. However, on that basis, the United States should fully support the acquittal of Algirdas Paleckis in his forthcoming appeal before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France.

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