Westˈs efforts to damage Iran nuclear program failed: Russian Analyst



Moscow, July 9, IRNA A senior Russian political analyst has said West failed in its efforts to damage Iranˈs peaceful nuclear program.

Speaking to IRNA exclusively, Director General of the Institute for Foreign Policy Research and Initiatives in Moscow Veronika Krasheninnikova said Iran has made great breakthroughs in all fields of technology including nuclear energy.

It is impossible to stop a great country such as Iran with its numerous capabilities, she stressed.

Krasheninnikova noted that Iran, in recent years, has repeatedly proved its good-will to the International Atomic Energy Agency by transparent peaceful nuclear activities.

Rejecting claims by West, especially the US, that Iranˈs peaceful nuclear program is a threat against non-proliferation of atomic weapons, the analyst said those claims were ˈhypocritical and far from reality.ˈ

No one can develop an atomic bomb only with the 20-percent enriched uranium, Krasheninnikova stressed.

She added, unlike Westˈs anti-Iran propaganda, the countryˈs present uranium enrichment activities have posed no threat to international community.

Those who made such claims were making a blame game, said the Russian analyst.

Krasheninnikova believed that Westˈs policy of mounting pressures against Iran was wrong and futile.

She stressed that the only way to settle the existing nuclear dispute with Iran was negotiation.

She suggested that the anti-Iran sanctions should be lifted during the next round of talks between Iran and representatives of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

West has to accept that holding peaceful talks with Iran would be the only way out of the present nuclear crisis, Krasheninnikova said in conclusion.